The Step-By-Step Guide on Outdoor Fireplaces

If your outdoor living space isn’t as cozy or as inviting as you want it to be, installing an outdoor fireplace is a great way to get it there. Not only are outdoor fireplaces a functional addition to backyards and patios, but they easily enhance their overall designs.

At Arizona Fireplaces, we know there are a lot of little things that go into getting an outdoor fireplace installed. That’s why we’ve broken everything down into just five steps. Plus, we know the power behind a good recommendation and aren’t afraid to pass along some of our current go-tos.

So, if you’re committed to boosting the quality of your own outdoor living space, keep reading.

Step 1: Choose Your Type of Fireplace

The first step in installing an outdoor fireplace, as always, starts way before you even buy it. Step one is determining fuels. For outdoor fireplaces, you may choose between gas or wood-burning units. Gas fireplaces tend to be more convenient and require less maintenance while wood-burning fireplaces provide a traditional and authentic experience that can be hard to beat.  

If you decide to go with an outdoor gas fireplace, the Majestic Courtyard and Majestic Lanai are two of the most popular models on the market. These models provide a beautiful flame display, high heating efficiency, and are built to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Step 2: Choose the Location

When choosing the perfect spot for your outdoor fireplace, it's important to consider safety, functionality, and design. Ensure the location is far enough from your home, trees, foliage, and any other flammable objects. Utilizing and referring to your outdoor fireplace’s installation manual will help you become familiar with the required distance your fireplace must be placed from combustible objects—you may also ask your fireplace installer any questions about where your fireplace needs to be safely installed. Also, keep the direction of the wind in mind while planning to prevent the smoke from the fireplace from blowing toward your home or your neighbor's home or from diminishing the height and power of your fireplace’s flames. 

Step 3: Prepare the Foundation

After choosing the location, the next step is to prepare the foundation. The foundation should be level and strong enough to support the weight of the fireplace. If you're having a wood-burning fireplace installed, you'll need to ensure that the foundation is made of non-combustible materials such as concrete.

Step 4: Build the Fireplace

Once you have the foundation in place, it's time to install the fireplace. This process will depend on the type of fireplace you choose to buy. If you opt for an outdoor wood fireplace, some popular options include Majestic Villawood Fireplace or Superior WRE4500 Fireplace. These outdoor wood-burning fireplaces offer a classic, traditional design and are built to last. They are made from durable materials that can withstand the elements and have excellent heating performances.

Step 5: Finish the Fireplace

The final step is finishing the fireplace or “trimming it out”. This step accounts for adding decorative elements such as optional fronts, mantels, and other media elements. Make sure to choose materials that can withstand outdoor weather conditions, are approved by your fireplace’s manufacturer, and provide a beautiful finishing touch to your outdoor fireplace.

Broken down like this, buying and installing an outdoor fireplace becomes a breeze, and we know it will continue to be a great way to add warmth and ambiance to your outdoor living space. With careful planning and preparation, you’ll be able to enjoy having a functional and stunning outdoor fireplace for years to come.

​​​​**Revisions completed by Megan E. Smith (09/26/2023) ​​​​
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