Review of the Napoleon Elevation X Series
Traditional Gas Fireplace
The Napoleon Elevation X Series
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Who It's For:

Napoleon always makes your personal design a priority which is why their top-of-the-line Elevation™ X Series is our number one pick for a direct-vent traditional fireplace. The Elevation™ X’s impressive flames come to life when you hang your favorite artwork, TVs, or electronics directly above it. Even if you don’t want to place anything above the Elevation™ X, there are countless customization options that allow you to explore the contemporary and the traditional alike. With a starting price of $4,149.00, this fireplace is perfect for someone whose budget has legroom because you’ll want to take advantage of all its options.
  • Hang TV, artwork, and electronics above the fireplace 
  • Ten optional interiors 
  • Three optional log sets 
  • Four optional trim styles  
  • Three optional fronts
Standard Features and Accessories:

The Elevation™ X has a glass safety barrier and a deep-set firebox, perfect for enjoying its hearty view. There are no shortages of accessories or features, too. You can choose between ten interior options, three log sets, four trim styles, and three fronts. Napoleon also has modulating Endless Embers™. These electric ember beds fill the space below your log set, emboldening the flames’ appearance.  

  • Ten interior options 

  • Three ultra high definition log sets

  • Four styles of trim 

  • Three fronts 

  • Modulating Endless Embers™

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  • UP TO 45,000 BTU’s
  • Clean face design with full firebox flame
  • Three Ultra High Definition Premium log set options include: Driftwood, Split Oak and Birch
  • Zen front available in both Charcoal and Black
  • Whitney and Denali premium fronts available with iron elements available in three color options
  • Finishing trim available in Charcoal, Black, Gunmetal and Copper
  • Ten decorative brick kits include MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, Westminster™ Standard and Herringbone, Newport™ Standard, Old Town Red™ Standard and Herringbone, Ledgestone Antique White, Glacier Herringbone and Standard as well as Black Illusion Glass
  • Modulating "ENDLESS EMBERS™" electric ember bed fills the floor below the logset and are visible from every angle
  • Heat circulating blower included
  • Optional Dynamic Heat Control™ and Dynamic Heat Control™ Plus
  • Remote control included controls flame modulation, split-flow, ember bed lights and blower
  • eFIRE Remote App - total control of your fireplace from your mobile device with the same features as the remote listed above

What's Behind the Flames: 

The Elevation™ X Series strives to establish a realistic, luxurious appearance. To do so, they combine generously sized flames with premium logs, Endless Embers™, a remote control, and a mobile app that gives you control of it all. Depending on the model size, this line has up to 45,000 BTUs and combined with Napoleon’s heat management technology, there are so many ways you can utilize them. Napoleon made the Elevation™ X Series compatible with some of their most versatile heat managing technologies including the Hot Air Distribution Kit, the Dynamic Heat Control, the Dynamic Heat Control Plus, and a built-in internal blower. 

  • Large flames
  • Premium log sets
  • Modulating Endless Embers ™ 
  • Remote control included 

  • eFIRE remote app 

  • 45,000 BTUs (depending on model size) 

  • Napoleon Heat Management  

Key Features:

Dynamic Heat Control is a phenomenal feature. Napoleon designed this technology for the TVs, electronics, and art pieces in your home so you aren’t working around your fireplace, but working with it. There are no blowers, fans, or power needed to operate this system. It’s simple and unbelievably effective. The Elevation™ X is also compatible with Napoleon’s Dynamic Heat Control Plus which takes makes it possible to redirect heat not only to another room but to the outside. This type of heat technology means that you can have as many guests as you want chatting fireside without having to worry about the room being overheated.  

  • Dynamic Heat Control 

  • Dynamic Heat Control Plus 

*Pricing listed in this article is only current as of 10/20/22 and is subject to change. For the most recent pricing, please visit the individual product pages or send us a chat/email.