Review of the Superior DRT2000 Series
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The Superior DRT2000 Series
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Who It's For:

Superior is known for dependable performance and diverse product lines, so it’s easy to see why they’re kicking off our guide with the DRT2000 Series. This series doesn’t come with any confusing bells or whistles. It’s straightforward. With one-size flame height, easy-to-access controls, several classic interior options, and a 17-inch depth to maximize floor space, this line suits a careful budgeter who’s searching for a fireplace with entry-level pricing and uncompromised quality. The DRT2000 Series has a starting price of $1,799.00 which is one of the best on the market!  

  • Entry-level pricing 

  • Easy to access controls 

  • Mid-size 17-inch depth 

  • Available in 35-inch, 40-inch, and 45-inch 

  • One-size flame height 

  • Five interior customizations

Standard Features and Accessories:

Superior really does make using any of the DRT2000 fireplaces simple, something we know can be easily appreciated. These fireplaces come with standard ON/OFF remotes and have manual controls that are conveniently located. To access them, all you need to do is open a louver below the fireplace. This louver, just like the rest of the fireplace frame, has a black powder coat finish. It’s bold. And while we love the statement a bold frame can make, black might not be the color you were going for. That’s why we love how Superior offers a two or three-sided façade stainless surround. Regardless of how you choose to dress the fireplace frame of a DRT2000, when paired with ceramic fiber logs and an optional interior brick liner, you’ll have achieved that instant classic look on a budget to boot.

  • ON/OFF remote control  

  • Two or three-sided optional façade stainless surrounds 

  • Black painted interior 

  • Three optional interior brick liners 

  • Two optional black panels 

  • Standard detailed ceramic fiber log set  

What's Behind the Flames: 

The DRT2000 series is a great fit for careful budgeters even after it leaves our warehouse and is installed in your home. It has an electronic ignition start which saves fuel and lowers average operation costs as a result. Although millivolt ignition models are available, we recommend sticking with electronic ones to prevent a continuously running pilot. Depending on the size, the DRT2000 has 17,000-20,000 BTUs and an optional blower fan is available for purchase if you want the heat to reach every corner of the room. When it comes to the flames’ appearance, Superior has a no-hassle approach. These models have a one-size flame height that makes their modest flames both consistent and effective. 

  • Heating efficiency 

  • Electronic ignition (millivolt available) 

  • Optional blower and remote controls available for all models 

  • One-size flame height 

Key Features:

The DRT2000s may not have the most robust flames, but don’t let that stop you from considering this fireplace series. A little always has the potential go a long way when you know the tricks. We’ll clue you in on one of our favorites: the porcelain black reflective panels. These reflective panels help to elevate the appearance of the flames so, even without customizable flame heights, your fireplace can look the part of one with that feature. The black reflective panels also provide a more contemporary atmosphere, directly contrasting with the bright colors of the fire.

  • Porcelain black reflective panels 

  • One-size flame height

*Pricing listed in this article is only current as of 10/20/22 and is subject to change. For the most recent pricing, please visit the individual product pages or send us a chat/email.