Where to buy electric fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces can be purchased from a wide variety of stores including big box retailers like Walmart, multinational e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, and home improvement retailers like Home Depot. While these stores may stock the exact electric fireplace you’ve been searching for, they lack the resources and knowledge that specialty and local hearth retailers provide. And trust us, when you’re installing any type of fireplace in your home, being able to collaborate with a team that instills confidence and guides you through the entire buying process is a must.  

Arizona Fireplaces has over 40 years of experience in the hearth industry, and we’ve learned a thing or two about how to be locally owned and nationally known thanks to it. Our Phoenix-based team members are experts in the field and work alongside you to present personalized recommendations that fit your electric fireplace needs and preferences. Of course, we’re also in the market of helping you find your best fireplace match regardless of whether or not it’s electric. This is a level of care that Arizona Fireplaces is dedicated to providing which is unlike other large retailers that may only be able to offer you a general understanding of fireplaces.

In addition to knowledge, specialized and local hearth retailers tend to carry higher quality products. At Arizona Fireplaces, we’ve got 6 warehouses that total over 150,000 sq.ft. of storage. While it seems like a lot, the space fills up fast with grill, hearth, and outdoor heating products. Since we offer such a wide variety of them, each product we keep stocked on the shelves has been carefully selected by us to ensure it meets strict quality standards. This means you can trust that the electric fireplace you purchase from Arizona Fireplaces will be reliable, efficient, long-lasting, and come from a reputable manufacturer.

Buying your fireplace is really only one of the first steps, getting it installed and ready for use is another entirely. We always recommend that our customers have an NFI Certified technician complete the installation of any fireplace including electric fireplaces. By having your fireplace professionally installed, you’re ensuring that it will be done properly and safely. Plus, it’ll prevent your manufacturer’s warranty from becoming null or void.

One of the best perks of working with a specialty retailer like Arizona Fireplaces is that we can help you schedule an appointment with our own team of service professionals. If you’re located in the metro Phoenix area and a little beyond that, you’re able to plan, buy, and install your electric fireplace all with the same company. This makes communication a breeze!

So yeah, large retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot do carry an impressive selection of electric fireplaces and will offer you a convenient add-to-cart-and-buy-now experience. If you ask us, though… the pros of leaving it to the pros far outweigh the cons. With expertise, personalized service, high-quality products, and installation services, you can’t go wrong with choosing local and choosing specialty.

*Article revisions completed by Megan E. Smith (05/23/2023).