Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are staged into an existing masonry fireplaces similarly to a stove. If you have a masonry fireplace that needs a facelift, an insert is there to fill the gap and rejuvenate your room. This means that it will exclusively take the place of your masonry fireplace by connecting the insert to the chimney and flue leading outside. Sure, this looks very similar to a fireplace, but it is definitely not the same thing.

Gas fireplace inserts are a low cost option compared to a complete renovation to install a gas fireplace, or completely replace your existing masonry fireplace. This is yet another reason why Inserts are so versatile. A fashionable choice, inserts can change the ambience of a room from traditional or rustic to contemporary.

Below are Arizona Fireplaces' most recommended gas fireplace inserts.

Good - Iron Strike Bellevue Series -
  • Five oak timber logs, hand-painted for a detailed finish
  • Black interior creates a stark contrast for the yellow dancing flames
  • Burn technology that provides the flame pattern and glow of an authentic wood fire
  • Three decorative trims available to add a bit of character to your living space
  • Equipped with a built-in safety barrier
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature in your room with the Hi / Low feature
  • An adjustable speed 140-CFM blower is included
  • Easily accessed controls hidden on the side of the fireplace insert
  • The electronic ignition system is a fast and trouble-free way to light your fire
  • Battery backup system allows for continued operation in the event of a power outage

Better - Iron Strike Madison Park Series -
  • High-detail, hand painted log set and realistic fireplace depth
  • Appearance and glow of an authentic wood-burning fire
  • Standard accent lighting
  • Choose between 3 distinctive styles of accessory facades
  • The interior of the firebox can be complemented by choosing 1 of 2 brick interiors
  • Wireless Total Comfort ControlTM remote system provides precise heat control
  • Electronic ignition system with battery backup ignites and heats during a power outage
  • Standard 155-CFM blower to circulate warmth in your home
  • Total Control Remote
  • Six heat and blower settings
  • In addition to temperature control, enjoy six lighting settings and pilot operation

Best - Real Fyre DVI Series -
  • Choice of natural gas or propane models in three sizes to fit most fireplaces
  • Adjustable flames and heat with dual burners
  • High Performance 125 CFM blower distributes heat quickly and quietly
  • Electronic Ignition System with battery back-up
  • Automatic pilot ensures the pilot is operating in cold weather
  • Accent light highlights logs with or without fire on
  • Choice of brick pattern (traditional or herringbone) for the look of a masonry fireplace or black porcelain to silhouette the logs and reflect the flames
  • Surrounds in 3-sided or 4-sided configurations cover most fireplace openings and may be highlighted with decorative overlays in a variety of finishes to match your style and décor
  • Full Function remote control puts you in command of flame and heat adjustments, thermostatic or timer operations as well as control of the blower and light dimmer