Review of the Montigo DelRay Series
Linear Gas Fireplace
The Montigo DelRay Series
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Who It's For:

If you’re searching for an affordable fireplace that gives off an upgraded feel, it won’t surprise us to see you go for the Montigo DelRay Linear Series. This line has an entry-level starting price of $2,400, but don’t let that fool you. Its standard accessories and features maintain a high-class appearance that brings a touch of elegance into the home. Offered in a full load model or a basic model—both with flexible, straightforward installations—we know the DelRay will fit right in at your home or mobile home.
  • Entry-level pricing
  • Sizes: 36-inch and 48-inch
  • Flexible installation
  • Mobile home (RV) compatible
  • Multiple accessory options
  • Natural gas to liquid propane conversion kit
Standard Features and Accessories:

There are no panels to alter the appearance of the DelRay Linear’s black interior, but there is a multitude of ways to personalize it. Speckled stones, driftwood logs, and glass media all accentuate the fireplace’s delicate flames. Even when turned off, you can turn on a downlighting feature to maintain a flame-free, cozy atmosphere.
  • Speckled stones
  • Driftwood logs
  • Glass media
  • Downlighting
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What's Behind the Flames: 

Now that we know what the DelRay Linear has to offer looks-wise, what’s behind the flames? The DelRay offers an optional blower fan that can circulate heat from the fire, producing 16-21,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) depending on the size of the model. Although this line has minimal heat output, it makes for a flexible and straightforward installation that will not take up tremendous amounts of floor space. As a matter of fact, the required 14 ¼-inch framing depth lets you set up the fireplace incredibly close to the wall.
  • Optional blower fan to circulate heat
  • 16,000 - 21,000 BTUs (based on model size)
  • Slim 14 ¼-inch framing depth
Key Features:
Once the DelRay is installed and ready for use, there are a few ways to get the fire going. If you chose to buy the Full Load model, your fireplace comes with a multi-function remote that has ON/OFF and thermostat controls. If you have chosen the Basic model, you have the option to separately purchase a multi-function remote. Once on, the electronic ignition in your fireplace will be working intermittently. It turns on only when necessary. This technology saves you fuel and, therefore, money as it will cause less gas to be consumed by the fireplace.
  • Optional remote controls for ON/OFF and thermostat control
  • Electronic ignition
  • Protective screen
  • Optional Cool Wall Kit
Have a slightly bigger budget? 
*Pricing listed in this article is only current as of 10/20/22 and is subject to change. For the most recent pricing, please visit the individual product pages or send us a chat/email.
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