Why Our Team Loves These Top 5 Electric Fireplaces

Thursday, February 17, 2022
Top 5 electric fireplaces and why they're turning our heads.
The 5 Best Electric Fireplaces

Defining the best electric fireplaces on the market can be quite challenging because everyone has a unique set of needs and wants. There are people with different tastes, different installation restrictions, and different features that appeal to them. Over time, a few models begin flying off of shelves more than others and with or without noticing they become the first options offered when asked. They allow homeowners, builders, and contractors alike to check off nearly every box! Below are the five staple electric fireplaces offered at Arizona Fireplaces.

  • The Ignite XLF series by Dimplex

    With an impressive range of linear sizes between 50” to 100”, Dimplex minimizes the footprint of the fireplace and makes the most of the room it’s going into. This series also comes with a variety of fireplace features that can all be controlled from the comfort of your chair with a multi-function remote. The remote allows you to pick and choose your ideal light color and allows you to tap into the heater feature which takes the chill off any room!
  • The Landscape Pro Slim series by Modern Flames

    Although it’s not statistically at the top of the list, many customers and sales teams consider the Landscape Pro Slim series to be one the best electric fireplaces to date. This series has linear sizes varying between 44” to 96” and offers different media options that include clear acrylic stones, black acrylic stones, driftwood log sets, and more. The flame, ember bed, and down lighting are independently controlled through a multi-function remote. And, to top it off, the Landscape Pro Slim fireplaces also have heaters to distribute warm air into the home.
  • The Landscape Pro Multi series by Modern Flames

    Modern Flames is no stranger to making sure their electric fireplaces include features that appeal to everyone. What attracts so much attention to the Landscape Pro Multi line is its depth and the multiple ways that it can be installed, hence the name “multi”. The MULTI-ple ways to install these units include a single side, left corner, right corner, and slick looking 3-sided bay. The Landscape Pro Multi has an 11.5” box which creates a much larger bedding area compared to most other electrics. The 15.4” viewing area is also on the larger side, helping to maintain a bright and warm atmosphere in the home. The color options are endless and fun. The sizes of this linear unit vary between 44” to 96”, and there is a 5,000 BTU heater which covers, roughly, a 500 square foot area.
  • The Redstone series by Modern Flames

    Electric fireplaces are Modern Flames’ specialty, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see so many of their models on this list! Modern Flames not only offers linear fireplaces, but they have traditional units, too. The cozy look that comes with a traditional fireplace is a large part of the charm to the Redstone series which is offered in sizes 26” to 54”. These electric fireplaces are single sided for simple installation, and they also come with the classic contemporary features of an electric fireplace. Each unit has 10 different flame and ember bed color settings. A warm, vibrant orange can be seen illuminating from within the log set to brighten the box. A built-in touch control line is visible from the front of the unit, allowing for the control of the colors/flame/heat to come directly from the unit itself; however, a handheld multi-function remote is also standard with these units.
  • The Spectrum Slimline series by Modern Flames

    Last but not least are the Spectrum Slimlines. These units can be installed into the wall or wall mounted, and they range in size from 50” to 100”. These linear electric fireplaces are inserted into a 2 X 4 application, meaning their depth is just below 4”. This is convenient for those wanting to limit the amount of “build out” into their home. The log sets, as is true with all Modern Flames log sets, are highly detailed. A variety of color glass-media is available for this series, as well as the 10 color settings for your flame and ember bed. This fireplace also pushes heat out into the space it is installed into, giving you the best of the both worlds with versatile colors and warmth all in one.
If you are looking for more information on any electric fireplace, Arizona Fireplaces is here to help! Please don’t hesitate to call our North store or South store locations to talk to a sales representative about the latest and greatest on the market. There is a showroom at both locations and a sales team ready to assist you in finding the best electric fireplace. We look forward to making this process smooth and easy!