Warranty Policy

– Please fill out the form provided below, completing all required fields and including photos of the item in question. Upon completion, form will be sent to the customer service and warranty claim teams.

– Warranties are only applicable to the original purchaser and are non-transferrable.

– Arizona Fireplaces submits warranty claims to the manufacturers on the customer/dealer’s behalf via a completed warranty form.

– Warranty decisions, once submitted, are at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.

– Warranty parts are subject to manufacturer availability, and will be shipped at the manufacturer’s availability.

– Some manufacturers will only send to a distributor or to Arizona Fireplaces, and additional shipping costs may apply.

– Our Customer Service and Warranty Teams will communicate updates when provided, as we work through the warranty process with the manufacturer.

– Customer is responsible for the cost of the replacement unit and freight. Customer will be credited once Arizona Fireplaces receives the credit from the manufacturer.

– All additional inbound and outbound shipping charges not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will not be the responsibility of Arizona Fireplaces.