Review of the Napoleon Altitude Series
Traditional Gas Fireplace
The Napoleon Altitude Series
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Who It's For:

Although the timeless appearance of a traditional fireplace may start with a box and brick, it doesn’t stop there. Take one look at Napoleon’s Altitude ™ X Series and you’ll see why. This line is only available in two sizes, but, true to Napoleon Hearth’s reputation for customization, there are countless features and accessories that make it easy for a few splashes of the contemporary to land on an otherwise traditional fireplace. With a starting price of $3,299.00, this series checks off nearly all the boxes—it’s uniquely designed, offers technology like Napoleon’s heat management and eFIRE app, and is perfect if you’re in the market for a direct-vent fireplace that combines the traditional with contemporary. 

  • Available in: 36-inch and 42-ich 

  • Dynamic Heat Control 

  • Dozens of accessories 

  • Up to 38,000 BTUs (depending on model) 

  • eFIRE mobile app

Standard Features and Accessories:

The Altitude™ X has dozens of accessories and features that can make it feel like the fireplace was designed specifically for you. With a clean-faced frame, you’re able to focus on accessories such as log sets and decorative panels that make your ideal fireplace from the inside. Turning outward, Napoleon offers four different colored trims including charcoal, black, gunmetal, and copper. These trims are magnetic, an incredibly helpful feature for those with stone finish around their fireplaces. While these accessories are optional, what’s included in the Altitude™ X series is Napoleon’s Night Light™ feature. This keeps your fireplace softly illuminated even when the fireplace is turned off, allowing you to enjoy your fireplace at any time of day. It also comes with Napoleon’s innovative eFIRE app. Once downloaded onto your mobile phone, you can customize everything from flame height to the LED ember bed colors.  

  • Four premium log set options 

  • Six decorative brick kits 

  • Four color magnetic finish trims 

  • Three styles of premium fronts 

  • Exclusive Night Light ™ 

  • eFire app 

  • LED ember bed colors 

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What's Behind the Flames: 

The impressive flame size of the Altitude™ X is complimented by a generous heat output of up to 38,000 BTUs depending on the model. This line also comes equipped with an internal blower fan that has six speed variations and utilizes your fireplace’s heat by circulating it around the room. The blower fan isn’t the only one of Napoleon’s heat management technologies that are compatible with the Altitude™ X series. This line is compatible with the Hot Air Distribution Kit which redistributes the warm air from the fireplace into other rooms of your home. If installed on an external facing wall, this heat may even be redirected outdoors with the use of flexible ducting. Napoleon’s Universal Heat Management can also be used with the Altitude™ X series, and this technology is incredible because it lowers the clearance for combustibles so you can safely install electronics above the fireplace. 

  • Up to 38,000 BTUs (depending on model) 

  • Built-in internal blower fan with six different speeds 

  • Hot Air Distribution Kit 

  • Universal Heat Management 

Key Features:

Napoleon’s Universal Heat Management is perfect for curating a cozy atmosphere to share with your loved ones. Whether watching a movie with your family or reading a book to wind down at night, the Altitude ™ X only adds to the atmosphere. When equipped with UHM, the Altitude ™ X’s heat is efficiently and silently redirected from the front of the fireplace to be circulated around the room.  

  • Universal Heat Management
*Pricing listed in this article is only current as of 10/20/22 and is subject to change. For the most recent pricing, please visit the individual product pages or send us a chat/email.