Review of the Superior DRT3500 Series
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The Superior DRT3500 Series
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Who It's For:

When we said that Superior is known for dependable performance, diverse product lines, and being included in our “Top 5” we absolutely meant it. That’s why the Superior DRT3500 Series is our next recommendation. This line represents full-feature value. And while there are definitely similarities between the DRT2000 and the DRT3500, the differences between them are what allow the DRT3500 to truly stand out. Starting at $3,558.00, the DRT3500 Series boasts a ceramic glass front, interior illumination, and a blower kit. With a high definition log set, seamless battery backup, and three-size options, this series is great for those searching for an efficient and affordable fireplace.
  • High definition log set 

  • 26,000-35,000 BTUs (depending on model size)
  • Ceramic glass
  • Protective screen
  • Available in 35-inch, 40-inch, and 45-inch 
  • Electronic ignition with seamless battery backup
Standard Features and Accessories:

The accessories of the DRT3500 might feel a little familiar. For instance, optional reflective black panels are available to help fill out your fire’s appearance; these stark panels also highlight the vibrant, bright-colored flames to make them the focal point of your fireplace. Since the DRT3500 has a full black frame, Superior offers a three-sided façade stainless surround, you know, just in case black isn’t your color. There are also three brick interior options that include Greystone, Blackstone, and Blended Brown. Features like a high definition log set and a full-function ProFlame remote to control IPI/CPI, thermostat, flame height, blower, and lighting help the DRT3500 stand out.  

  • Porcelain reflective black panels 

  • High definition log set 

  • Three brick interior liners 

  • Included full-function ProFlame remote

What's Behind the Flames: 

The flames on the DRT3500 burn modestly, and their height is customizable with the use of the full-function ProFlame remote. Whether you’ve chosen the 35-inch or 45-inch model, the DRT3500 series can keep a room cozy with 26,000-35,000 BTUs. The BTUs, of course, are dependent on the model size but every single one comes equipped with ceramic heating as well as a blower fan to provide seemingly effortless warmth. Thanks to Superior’s seamless battery backup, this is a warmth you’ll have access to even during a power outage.  

  • 26,000-35,000 BTUs (depending on model size) 

  • Sizes: 35-inch, 40-inch, and 45-inch 

  • Included blower fan 

  • Electronic ignition 

  • Seamless battery backup 

Key Features:

You probably won’t use your fireplace often during the summer, but true to its “full-feature value” claim, the DRT3500 can be showcased in your home year-round. Superior makes this possible with interior illumination, a feature we’d love to shed some light on. The interior lighting in the DRT3500 has six distinctive settings to ensure that your log set and liners are visible even when your fireplace isn’t burning.

  • Interior illumination
*Pricing listed in this article is only current as of 10/20/22 and is subject to change. For the most recent pricing, please visit the individual product pages or send us a chat/email.
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