Direct Vent Contemporary Gas Fireplaces

If you are going to be buying a fireplace, the most important thing you need to know is what your home is equipped for. If you currently do not have a chimney and are operating on a budget, a direct vent contemporary gas fireplace may be the best option. These fireplaces are much easier to install, as there is no need for a pre-existing unit. Also, you have the ability to vent them through the roof or through a wall via a horizontal installation. In contrast to other fireplaces, direct vents are very easy to install. They come pre-fabricated which means you only need to worry about foundation or framing issues. They insert very well on top of plywood bases. The amount of maintenance you will need to engage in will also be kept at a minimum; you won’t need to clean up ash or soot after each use.

Contain a Sealed Glass Panel That Allows Heat to Radiate Outward
One notable feature of direct vent fireplaces is that they contain a fixed glass panel at the front. Due to the nature of the combustion process, no air can be allowed in from the room where the fireplace is installed. The heat that is produced inside the unit will radiate through the glass. Direct vents generate a substantial amount of heat, so make sure the space you plan on installing it is large enough. They may be more costly than B vents, but they are worth the investment if you want top of the line quality.

A Fireplace That Burns Cleanly and with a Realistic Appearing Flame 
Direct vent fireplaces burn cleanly and efficiently, and do produce aesthetically pleasing flames as well.

Below are Arizona Fireplaces' most recommended direct vent contemporary gas fireplaces.

Good - Superior DRC2000 -
• Available in 33”, 35”, 40” and 45” radiant smooth-faced models
• Dedicated top or rear flue configuration (45” model is a combo top/rear)
• Millivolt (Remote-ready) or electronic ignition with battery backup
• Operates in the event of a power outage
• Beautiful flame that rises through reflective black crushed glass media
• Up to 65.5% AFUE
• Standard Tempered Glass
• Fireplace includes standard barrier that meets 2015 requirements
• Black Painted Interior
• Durable textured powder coat finish
• Optional blower and remote controls available for all models
• 20 Year Limited Warranty

Better - Superior DRC3500 -
• Available in 35” and 40” clean-faced models
• Combo top/rear flue configuration for all models
• Electronic ignition with seamless battery backup to provide continued operation in the event of a power outage (IPI/CPI switch conveniently hidden on façade base, standard)
• Wall switch provides variable flame settings
• Outstanding heating efficiency for increased comfort and lower operating costs
• Two-piece façade in black, stainless or mixed (required option)
• Standard tempered glass and 2015 ANSI barrier compliant
• Reflective crushed glass media available in a variety of colors
• Full three-piece black reflective porcelain liners
• Optional On/Off remote control and blower available for all models
• 20 Year Limited Warranty

Best - Superior DRC6300 -
• Powerful burner system produces tall, dancing flames
• Clean-face design provides a seamless, built-in look
• Tall opening provides an exceptional view of the fire and interior panels
• Contemporary glossy black porcelain panels amplify the look of the flame
• Alternate glass media colors gives further ability to customize the look
• Clean-face design features ceramic glass for optimum heat transfer and safety
• Adjustable flame height gives you full control of heat output
• Intermittent pilot ignition includes battery backup to provide continued operation in the event of a
power outage
• Full-function remote offers an array of controls, including modulating flame height
• Gas controls are conveniently located to the side of the fireplace opening for easy installation and operation
• Contemporary design includes your choice of glass media options to suit your taste and complement any home décor
• Decorative free standing screen kits available