The Outdoor Lifestyles Lanai Gas Fireplace is a fantastic blend of modern design and and superior functionality. This premium outdoor fireplace has some impressive features, and can give any outdoor space an unprecedented luxury feel. However it may not be the best fit for everyone's fireplace needs. We will quickly breakdown the pros and the cons of the Lanai fireplace series, so you can make an informed decision on your outdoor fireplace needs.

Sleek, Modern Design
If you’re looking to add a contemporary feel to your outdoor space, the Lanai is a perfect choice. It has the clean finish and crisp edges one looks for in a linear fireplace, but this series really does take it to a new level of style and class. For a unique take on modern design, explore the see-through Lanai options. They make for a visually stunning statement piece that is sure to take your breath away.
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Eight Vibrant Colors of LED Lights, and Adjustable Intensity Levels
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Built to Last

Crafted with rust-resistant stainless steel, and featuring weatherproof controls, the Lanai fireplace series is designed to be successful outdoors, regardless of the weather. It is one of the sturdiest in the industry, and  requires minimal maintenance to keep running at its peak performance.

Safe and Efficient
The Lanai series utilizes the Intellifire™ Ignition System, which is a leader in the industry for safe operation. It constantly monitors the flame ignition, which has dual benefits: optimal performance and and energy saving. Intellifire™  Ignition can noticeably cut monthly energy costs, making operating a fireplace much more manageable.
Easy to Install
Unlike many fireplaces, the Lanai series doesn't require a chimney or any venting. This significantly cuts the hassle of installation, and allows for more versatile placement. The Lanai is a very design friendly series to work with in outdoor decoration.
The Lanai is a fantastic option for a linear outdoor fireplace. It has plenty of amazing features, and is truly spectacular, but it isn't the best choice for everyone. Here are some important aspects to consider before you make your purchase.
Premium Features... Premium Price
You absolutely get what you pay for with the Lanai series, and it is truly a luxurious statement piece. However the high-end price of the fireplace just isn't feasible for all budgets. If you are looking for a classy linear fireplace to elevate your outdoor space, there are plenty of other options out there that can give you a similar modern feel, at a lower price point. Browse some of our other outdoor linear fireplaces, to find the one that is the best for you and your needs.
Dedicated Space

The Lanai is great because its vent-free nature allows it to be placed almost anywhere. However, once you install it, redesigning your outdoor space down the road becomes much more difficult. A fireplace also tends to take up significant space, and space is at a premium when you are designing your dream outdoor area.

If you want a dramatic fire feature, but don't have the room for a full fireplace, there are several solutions. We carry a large variety of outdoor firepits and fire tables, which can still give you a modern flair, while taking up less space, and being a bit more flexible in its installation.
Who is this Fireplace for?
This fireplace is for those looking for an unquestionably luxurious experience. It is incredibly durable, efficient, and its design is a testament to elegant modern design. It is sure to take your breath away every time. It is a premium fireplace, with premium features... and a premium price. If you want to add a contemporary edge to your outdoor space,  there are several options that can provide a similar modern feel at a lower price point, albeit without some of the characteristics that make the Lanai so unique.
Not sure about the Lanai?
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