Review of the Napoleon Luxuria Series
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The Napoleon Luxuria Series
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Who It's For:

Napoleon’s Luxuria™ is made for those who want luxury, elegance, and an unobstructed view. This series is packed with premium accessories and features that allow for versatile installations and stunning finishes. The same eye-catching Divinity™ flame technology that helped the Vector™ earn our second-place spot can also be seen behind the glass of the Luxuria™. With the Luxuria™, though, these flames can be seen even more clearly with the introduction of Napoleon’s Glass Guard System. The Glass Guard System is responsible for expanding where you can install your fireplace and what can be placed around it. Starting at $6,749, the Luxuria™ is truly a premier, top-of-the-line series that offers unforgettable views from the inside out.
  • Divinity™ flame technology
  • Cool Touch Glass Guard System
  • Sizes: 38-inch, 50-inch, 62-inch, 74-inch
  • See-Through option
  • Unlimited color LED accent lighting
Standard Features and Accessories:

The Luxuria™ showcases dozens of accessories including glass media, pebbles, stones, logs, wrought iron globes, nickel stixs, and colored LED accent lights. It’s also compatible with Napoleon’s eFire app which gives you control over everything from the height of the flames to the speed of the blower fan. These accessories might seem a little familiar, but it won’t take long for the Luxuria™ to take things to the next level. If you decide that a see-through model is something you’re interested in, you’ll see what we mean. Because, sure, both single-sided and see-through view types elevate the atmosphere of any room they’re in, but what if you could view your fireplace from the couch in your living room and on your patio? Thanks to the cool touch technology introduced in the Glass Guard System and the optional Indoor/Outdoor Kit, it’s possible to have this fireplace’s beauty shown both inside your home and outside of it.
  • Dozens of accessories including glass, pebble, stone, metal art, logs, wrought iron globes, and nickel stixs 
  • Unlimited color LED accent lighting
  • Mobile App (Bluetooth) 
  • Indoor/Outdoor kit (for see-through models)
  • Remote control 

What's Behind the Flames: 

Although the Luxuria™ remains cool to the touch thanks to the Glass Guard System, it still has anywhere from 30-48,000 BTUs depending on its size. In a standard climate, the Luxuria™ has the potential to heat a room of around 1,000 square feet. However, to get your home feeling as cozy as it looks with the Luxuria™, you’ll have to separately purchase the Napoleon Dynamic Heat Control which can be installed with the fireplace.
  • Versatile installation
  • 30-48,000BTUs (depending on size)
  • Optional Dynamic Heat Control
  • Electronic ignition
Key Features: 

What puts the Luxuria™ into a class of its own is the Glass Guard System. This triple-paned system utilizes a second layer of glass, negating the need for a mesh safety barrier and allowing extra layers of reflection to shine through crystal clear. It prevents any heat output, so combustible materials can be installed flush to the opening as long as non-combustible framing is above the fireplace. This is why you can hang a TV or artwork directly above the Luxuria™ worry-free. It’s a phenomenal design advantage that we love! This system is also the technology behind the see-through models’ indoor/outdoor kit which will give the beauty of your fireplace inside the chance to be viewed outside, too.
  • Glass Guard System
  • Zero clearance
  • Hang TV or artwork directly above the fireplace
  • Optional Indoor/Outdoor kit (see-through models)
*Pricing listed in this article is only current as of 10/20/22 and is subject to change. For the most recent pricing, please visit the individual product pages or send us a chat/email.
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