Review of the Napoleon Vector Series
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The Napoleon Vector Series
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Who It's For:

Napoleon says the Vector™ is a perfect fit for anyone who wants a fireplace that makes a statement, and we agree! Not only does the Vector™ dedicate a tremendous amount of space to the viewing area, but it has an incredible variety of accessories that make each fireplace feel completely unique to its home. This, along with robust flames that bring the heat and a mobile app to help you control it all, makes the Vector™ our number 2. With a starting price of $4,299, Napoleon’s Vector™ is ready to make a statement in your home.
  • Wide range of accessories
  • LED accent lighting with unlimited colors
  • Powerful flames
  • Great heat output
  • eFire Bluetooth mobile app
  • Sizes: 38-inches, 50-inches, 62-inches, and 74-inches
Standard Features and Accessories:

When we tell you that the Vector™ has options, we mean it. Let’s start with the view types of the fireplace. What gives this series a major design advantage is that it’s available in both single-sided and see-through types.

Standard go-to accessories like glass media, pebbles, stones, or logs are available to be placed in the Vector™. Metal art such as wrought iron globes or nickel stixs may also be placed in the fireplace for a more elegant presentation that compliments Napoleon’s patented Divinity™ flame technology. This tech creates a flame pattern of heightened peaks and valleys that eliminate “flat” flames. To complete your vision inside the fireplace, the Vector™ also has LED accent lighting with an unlimited color selection. Moving outward, Napoleon offers two surrounds and two trim kits.
  • Single-sided and see-through models available
  • Divinity™ flame technology
  • Wide range of accessories: glass media, pebbles, stones, logs, wrought iron globes, and nickel stixs
  • LED accent lighting with unlimited colors
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What's Behind the Flames:

We love the Vector™’s heat output and think you will, too. These fireplaces range from 30-48,000 BTUs depending on the size of the model. That means that in a standard climate, your fireplace could warm a room as large as 1,000 square feet. With so much heat reaching out, it’s important to prioritize the safety of those around the Vector™ while it’s running. Napoleon has manufactured a protective screen to do just that. This mesh screen is incredible because it creates a barrier between you and the glass while appearing nearly invisible so the focus can stay on the flames.
  • Significant heat output
  • Ability to redirect heat
  • Mesh safety screen
  • Electronic Ignition
Key Features: 

Napoleon comes smartphone ready with their eFire app. Once downloaded and connected, you’ve practically put your fireplace into the palm of your hand. Use the app to set an auto-off timer or to turn the Vector™ on/off. When you have the fireplace on, you’ll find that the eFire app makes it simple to continue customizing the Vector™ even after the fireplace has been installed. Enjoy altering aesthetic aspects of your fireplace by changing the LED accent light colors and the height of the flame. You’re also given control over more technical elements of the Vector™, so you can do things like adjusting the blower speed or pilot usage to suit your needs.
  • eFire Mobile App:
  • On/Off control
  • Auto-off timer
  • Adjust flame height
  • Unlimited LED color selection
  • Control function of LED lighting
  • Adjust blower speed
  • Night Light™ - adjust the brightness of the LED accent lights
  • Customizable interface – configure your fireplace features

*Pricing listed in this article is only current as of 10/20/22 and is subject to change. For the most recent pricing, please visit the individual product pages or send us a chat/email.
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