The Primo-II
Transform Your Home with the Heat & Glo Primo II Series Gas Fireplaces: A Perfect Blend of Luxury and Functionality
Written by Abigail Samsel, 11/02/23
The Primo-II series is one of the best linear fireplaces in the industry. It's modern design and unique collection of features make it stand out from other linear fireplaces, and it is a great choice for pretty much any home or office space. In this blog post, we will discuss what makes the Primo-II a desirable fireplace option, while also taking time to point out important aspects to consider before you make your purchase, to ensure you make the best decision for you and your needs.
Size Matters...

When it Comes to Your Fireplace.

The Primo-II series boasts a variety of different sizes, so there is an option for any space. For snug and cozy family rooms, the 48" model is a perfect fit. If you have the space and are looking to make a dramatic statement, the 70" model is truly spectacular. The 60" model is the best of both worlds, compromising on size without compromising on the luxury feel.
Visually Stunning

& Safer than Ever.

 Watch the flames of your fireplace dance over dazzling crushed glass through the Primo-II's SafeSurface™ glass viewing window. With the 18" tall frame, no seat is a bad seat to enjoy the fire. Customize your Primo-II from top to bottom, with elegant liners, classy log sets, and multi-colored LED ember lighting that takes the experience to another level, allowing you to compliment any atmosphere.
Year-Round Comfort

at Your Fingertips.

​​​​​​​​​​​With the Primo-II's low heat or no heat options, anyone can experience the charm of a fireplace in their home, in any season and any climate. Add an optional heat distribution kit, and control the heat of your fireplace even more, directing the warmth exactly where you want it. Managing your fireplace has never been easier, as the Primo-II has a variety of convenient control modules. At the flip of a switch or with a tap on your phone screen you can enjoy the glow of your fireplace.​​​​​
Who is this for?
If you are looking for top-tier luxury, the Primo-II is the fireplace for you. It is comes at a high price point, but you absolutely get what you pay for. It's innovative design makes it one of the safest and most convenient fireplaces on the market. You can customize almost every aspect to make this fireplace fit your unique style. With the Primo-IIs low heat or no heat options, this fireplace is perfect for those in hotter climates who want the glow of a fireplace without the warmth.
Primo-II not for you?
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